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We take care of pest issues in the most important place for you, your home.


The biggest risk to a business is let your customer down because of a pest issue

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Big buildings require well planned strategies to keep tenants peace of mind.

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Just a few hours to remove insects from your bedrooms, sleep well tonight.

We cover all pests all over London

The goal of Inoculand Ltd Pest Control is to provide a complete service to our customers. We offer professional inspections, fumigations and sanitation services.

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Pest Control Reviews

Inoculand Ltd Pest Control
Reviewed from Google
Elisa Converti
Elisa Converti
posted 1 week ago

Just amazing!!
I have been their customers for years and I could not be happier about their service. Daniel and his team are quick in responding to the call and addressing any issue you might have. They are so thorough in proofing a place, you'll won't get issues again.
When I buy or rent a new place, Daniel and his team are the first ones to go in check it and proofing it, then I can move in with peace of mind!

Jelena Grubic
Jelena Grubic
posted 1 year ago

"We are one of the oldest customers of Inoculand. A few years ago I was so happy to have found them and I was sure I could rely on them for any problems in the future.

It’s amazing that you get a whole year warranty and piece of mind. If you get mice in a year after the proofing gets done they will come and sort out the access points and lay more poison.

For years we have enjoyed our piece and a house free of mice but recently we have had problems again. This was due to quite a lot of construction going on in our vicinity (including next door) and we have also had our new kitchen fitted in. Mice become more aggressive in trying to make their way in when they get disturbed by construction.

We had to get a brand new mice proofing and I am absolutely delighted!! As always you get a 1-year warranty – free visits for the whole year when required!! I was also delighted with professionalism (as always) and the great effective range of materials they used. They left our place resistant to mice invasion and it all looked great and invisible!!

It’s amazing that you can protect your family from this hazard with such assurance – knowing everything will actually be all right. I am giving them top top marks as always and feeling a great gratitude!!"

genevieve seaton
genevieve seaton
posted 1 year ago

Very helpful on the phone and appointment booked at a convenient time the next day. Extremely thorough search of the house and advice, and, as it happened, all done for free as no evidence of anything found. Fabian, the guy who attended the appointment, was superb and very helpful and informative. I would definitely recommend them and certainly use them myself (though I hope we won't need to!).

posted 2 years ago

This company was recommended to me by a friend and I can only say that I have been very happy with the service provided. They are honest, efficient and don't charge much for the amount of time spent. Overall it was a very good value for money. They came back as many time as was necessary to get rid of the mice inside my house and gave very good advices on how to keep mice away.
They look more at solving your infestation for good rather than trying to come back to charge you more.

Tarina K
Tarina K
posted 2 years ago

I highly recommended Inoculand they are not only much cheaper than the useless Barnet Council pest control they are effective and overall better at eradicating mice issues.

I contacted Inoculand and they came out the next day! to look around our home. The inspector was very understanding, helpful and thorough, He explained everything I needed to know about treatment and proofing, Like the other reviews stated throughout the inspection I felt that the scale of the work required was put in perspective, and did not attempt to exaggerate what needed to be done in order to charge more. Thank you for your amazing service you have given me piece of mind.

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