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Inoculand Pest Control Ltd provides emergency pest control services for both commercial and residential premises in London and surrounding counties.

For Inoculand, offering pest control in London and the surrounding areas reflects our commitment to reach a wider public.

We are specialists in mice control, proofing and pest insects.

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We take care of all pest issues to ensure your home is pest free.


We have extensive experience with handling pest control for commercial buildings.

Block Management

Large buildings need a strategy in place to prevent infestation spreading.

Heat Treatment

Our one day service will eliminate your pest control issue, guaranteed.

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We cover all pests across London, Essex, Surrey, Kent & Sussex

Inoculand Pest Control provides a complete professional service to all of our customers ranging from heat treatment to fumigation and proofing.

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Inoculand Reviews

Inoculand Limited
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Pranay Bery
Pranay Bery
posted 2 weeks ago

Really knowledgeable and helpful service from Daniel. Was thorough and checked the entire place. One year guarantee is a huge positive. Hoping the mice stay away.

Rory Dearlove
Rory Dearlove
posted 2 weeks ago

Not wanting to jinx anything but Inoculand appear to have solved our longstanding mouse problem! Pleased with the work and when the guard on the bottom of our front door broke after installation Daniel was able to find a effective solution. Recommended!

Sarah Pemberton
Sarah Pemberton
posted 3 weeks ago

I had a rather frustrating experience with this company, but they did remedy the pest problem in the end.

I had clothes moths in a small 2 bedroom flat. I spent over £860 on heat treatment that the Inoculand website stated was "one day, 100% full eradication guaranteed." The heat treatment required a full day of preparation moving furniture away from walls, moving electronics, removing valuable items etc. I was then required to leave my house for a full 9 hours while the heat treatment and a pesticide spray occurred. It then took over 5 hours to move everything back into place afterwards. In short, it was a huge hassle as well as being very expensive.

The heat treatment did not kill all the moths, and there was a surge in moth activity afterwards. Inoculand then returned 2 weeks after the heat treatment to re-spray pesticides, but this didn't kill all the moths either. Inoculand returned again 4 weeks after the heat treatment to re-spray pesticides, and this appears to have ended the infestation.

There have been 2 major frustrations interacting with the company.
Firstly, they are hard to contact, because they often do not answer the phone, or the person who answers cannot address your booking so they need to call back much later (perhaps next day). The difficulty in contacting them makes it hard to schedule repeat visits or to check the scheduled appointment time.

Secondly, they are rather unreliable and not punctual with bookings. For the first appointment (heat treatment) they arrived on time, but for both the other visits they arrived at the wrong time. On the first re-spray they were scheduled to arrive at 9am but failed to arrive; when I called them I was told they had rescheduled the visit for 11am without bothering to inform me. They then arrived at 11am, leading to a whole morning of missed work. On the second re-spray they were scheduled to arrive at 2pm but arrived at 11.30am and were under the impression they had been due at 11am.

On the plus side, the staff who conducted the pest treatment have been consistently polite, friendly, and helpful. They have also been apologetic when they did not arrive at the scheduled time.

Rick deGrey
Rick deGrey
posted 4 months ago

An excellent experience with Inoculand and I highly recommend them. You won't find a more dedicated and enthusiastic beg bug technician than Daniel, and his team are equally friendly and informed. I've had a persistent beg bug problem over a number of years, and tried several of the leading beg bug treatment companies. They didn't have the time, the knowledge, or level of service of Inoculand.

Leanne Gray
Leanne Gray
posted 2 months ago

Fake reviews.

Daniel does not live in the UK so he could of never visited anyone he lives in Spain as his wife had to move.

This company are cow boys!
There work is atrocious.

154 Inc VAT got refunded 129 as bait was put down wrong after 8 days mice had eaten no bait.

Another team member came to be told bait was put down wrong and mice entrance point wasn't located.

They decided to proof the property which I can supply pics which is a horrifying bodge job attached to my brand new kitchen.

This company are cowboys

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