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Pest Control in Croydon is carried out from our Norbury base in SW16. We offer a complete range of pest control services to residential and commercial clients throughout the borough. For pests treatments, bird work, drain work, heat treatment, and rodent proofing, our team of experts can attend to your property and implement a tailored solution to your pests problems. All our technicians are properly certified and insured.

“Courtney from Inoculand was so thorough and transparent with us from the beginning. He was very reassuring and did a very detailed job compared to other professionals that we’ve had. He went above and beyond to endure my housemate and I were left with peace of mind…”

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Mice Pest Control & Mouse Proofing

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Mice Pest Control in Croydon

Mice control in Croydon principally relies on the use of bait that we place at the void space level where mice are coming from. Since mice travel 10-12 meters around the nest, it is often appropriate to let the neighbours know so they can check for the presence of droppings under their sink units.

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Mouse proofing in Croydon can often be carried out at very short notice as we are in Croydon most days. However we normally need to first do the treatment first in order to deplete the stock of mice affecting the property. If you do the mouse proofing without killing them first, you may end up trapping mice inside your home.

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Moth pest control in Croydon can be carried out using chemicals or heat. The heat’s main benefit is the instant results it offers and the fact that it will also work for the clothes. In Croydon, Inoculand often carries out full heat treatments throughout properties but also heat tents that are perfect to treat 100 items of clothing on hangers.

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Rat control in Croydon can be carried out indoors but also at the garden level. Whenever there are lives rats reported at the living space level, we normally put a strong recommendation on rat-proofing. The alternative is to check the drain system for rat activity and the need to place a rat stop plug to stop them from reaching your home.

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When bed bugs are reported in one room, there is a chance they have already spread to other areas of the home. When carrying a bed bug treatment in Croydon, we treat throughout paying special attention to the beds and sofas. For bed bugs, we normally recommend the use of strong synthetic pesticides as organic products are too weak for this type of job. In case of pesticides allergy, pregnancy, or counter-indication then Heat treatment coupled with Organic treatment will be used.

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We will carry out pest control in Croydon for every post code. Most of the Croydon Pest Control jobs we do are in CR0, CR7 and CR4. But we also have a number of commercial pest control contracts in Croydon CR2 and CR5.