Terms & Conditions

The access and use of any services provided by Inoculand Ltd constitute the customer’s acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


All prices are quoted in £ Sterling (exclusive of VAT) unless otherwise specified. VAT will be payable at the prevailing rate. Quotes provided over the phone are based on average size rooms and infestation levels. Inoculand reserves the right to amend the quote upon the inspection of the property as and when appropriate.

Promotional and Special Offers

Promotional offers cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Promotional offers do not apply for basic/minimum charges unless otherwise specified. Promotional and special offers are all subject to availability


The client shall make payments within 7 days of receipt of invoice or shall be made according to the terms of payments stated on the invoice/or on-demand prior to the commencement of the work to be carried out. Cash payment can be accepted by the company personnel.

Late/non-payment of the agreed terms or abuse of this service will result in your account being sent to our debt recovery agents. You will become liable for any related costs incurred thereafter.

Cancellation Policy

We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise and that you may need to cancel and reschedule an appointment. We beseech our customers to contact us by email and by phone to let us know at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so may result in loss of service or extra costs being levied.


Inoculand Ltd does not accept any liability for the effect of the service unless caused by the negligence of themselves or their staff and unless notice of any such effect is given in writing within seven days.

Inoculand Ltd does not accept any responsibility for any alarm triggered during a pest control service. The client must provide the company with all necessary information for disabling and/or resetting the alarm system on the premises.

Health & Safety

The Customer will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the advice and instructions given by Inoculand Ltd to protect the health and safety of persons using the premises during and after the provision of the services are followed.

Whilst every effort is made to place pesticides/chemicals out of reach of children and pets, later movement of your furniture and routine housekeeping can expose them. You should be aware of the position of the baits and make every effort to ensure that children and pets are kept away from them.

Children and pets should also be kept away from surfaces that have been recently sprayed with insecticide. In the event of any suspected poisoning or injury to a person or animal, your Doctor/Hospital/vet should be contacted immediately.

The Customer agrees to advise Inoculand Ltd and its employees of any hazards they may encounter whilst working at the Customer’s premises.


Nothing in this Agreement affects the statutory rights of a consumer.

Website Disclaimer

The information on this website is intended for general information purposes only. Whilst we endeavour to keep the information on this website correct, we do not guarantee its accuracy or that the material on the website is up to date.

Mouse Proofing 1 Year Guarantee

At Inoculand Ltd, we understand that for the mouse proofing service to be efficient, 100% of the access points need to be blocked appropriately. Therefore, the proofing guarantee can only apply if the proofing was carried out throughout the property.

The 1-year guarantee implies we would endeavour to come back at no extra charge and rectify any issues that may have been overlooked, repair any of the proofing that may have been damaged by mice, block any fresh holes that might have been chewed through since the initial proofing work.

The above guarantee refers to the service provided and necessary follow-up visits being carried out at no extra cost to the client. The proofing guarantee cannot be construed as a guarantee that no further mice activity will be suffered within the living space during the 1 year period. Mouse proofing is a process and repeated visits may be required.

The guarantee will not cover damages that have been caused by a third party (tenants, contractors). It is of particular relevance when a washing machine or a dishwasher needs to be replaced. Proofing is mainly sealing gaps around the pipework, or boxing in the void space have to prevent mice from coming into the living space. If the proofing is compromised, it will henceforth create an entry point that may eventually be used by mice. It is important that the proofing is kept to a good standard at all time, if any breach appears (for whatever reason) it need to be addressed right away.

Standard Service Guarantee

At Inoculand Ltd, we endeavour to deliver a first-class service. As per industry standards, we are committed to offering a guarantee for a period of 3 months on any treatments that we carry out unless otherwise specified. We cannot guarantee the outcome of any of our services, we can only guarantee our level of service and commitment.

During this 3 months period, clients may be entitled to a complimentary visit should any further activity be reported. This is especially relevant to the treatments of ants and cockroaches that are meant to be a 1 off visit only. See the section below for further details.

The above standard service guarantee will be void whenever the client will not have followed all given recommendations or followed the appropriate delays between treatments. The standard service guarantee can only be offered for services paid at full price, and cannot be offered in the context of discounted rates, or if only part of the property was treated.

The above standard service guarantee can only apply:

  • for the moth and carpet beetle services if the clothes of the client have been heat-treated
  • if a full heat treatment has been carried out throughout their property.
  • if heavily infested carpets have been removed. Alternatively, we will offer to carry out an extra visit at a discounted rate.

Guarantees on Works

Guarantees can only be applied when a property has been treated in full, and will only cover for residual activity resulting from within the original treated area, and do not cover reinfestations from surrounding areas.

Cockroach treatment: up to 1 complimentary follow up visit within 3 months

Ant treatment: up to 1 complimentary follow-up visit within 3 months

Bedbugs treatment and steaming: up to 1 complimentary visit within 3 months

Basic bedbug treatment: up to 1 extra visit within 3 months at a 75% discounted rate

Fleas treatment: same as bedbugs.

Moths treatment with heat tent: up to 1 complimentary visit within 3 months

Basic moths treatment:  up to 1 extra visit within 3 months at a 75% discounted rate

Carpet beetles treatment: same as moths

Wasps and bees treatment: up to 1 complimentary follow up visit within 3 months

Mice treatment: 1-year guarantee given only after full proofing complete within 6 months

Squirrel treatment: 1-year guarantee given only after full proofing complete within 6 months

Full heat treatment: up to 1 complimentary visit within 3 months

Organisect treatment: up to 1 extra visit within 3 months at a 75% discounted rate

Mileage policy

Inoculand Ltd does not charge for any mileage carried out within the M25.  For work carried out outside the M25, Inoculand may in some instances charge for mileage at the rate of 70 pence per mile.


Inoculand Ltd will not consider any refund claims once the work has been completed. All services shall be deemed to have been carried out to clients’ satisfaction unless written notice is received within 5 working days.

Inoculand Ltd will only accept responsibility for damages resulting from negligence. In such a case, the company will rectify the issue and/or replace the broken items for one of the similar characteristics, or offer the client the item’s present actual cash value. This liability only extends once the payment of the service has been received in full.

Any damages resulting from carrying out the standard work contracted will be deemed permissible. This is particularly relevant to the heat treatment of properties in regard to how materials such as PVC, wood inlay, gilding, wallpaper, and glue may behave when subjected to heat

Items excluded from the company’s liability include cash, jewelry, art, antiques, and items of sentimental value. It is the responsibility of the client to remove or protect valuables prior to the visits taking place.

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