6 signs you have mice in your home

Having a mouse problem in your home is a huge inconvenience; mice can cause damage to your property and be very distressing, especially to those with a fear of mice. To minimise the damage and distress they cause, it’s important to recognise that you have mice early. The earlier you realise that you have a mice problem, you sooner you can call a pest control expert, such as ourselves, to deal with the problem. Here are the telltale signs you have mice in your home. 



The first sign that many people notice is the sound of mice. They scratch and claw away at wooden surfaces, which makes a distinctive rustling sound. It may not be loud enough to hear if you’re watching TV or talking with friends, but when your home is quiet, you’ll notice the rustling. It generally occurs inside walls or below floorboards as that’s where mice tend to spend their time since it’s dark, safe and usually provides access to neighbours’ properties. Since mice are nocturnal, you’re far more likely to hear their noises at night – often when the house is quiet and you’re trying to sleep. 



Seeing droppings dotted around your house is also a telltale sign you have mice. Droppings may be scattered randomly, but will often be located near food sources i.e. on kitchen surfaces, in cupboards, or even near skirting boards which mice use to access the inner walls. Droppings are approximately the size of a grain of rice (between 3 and 6mm in length) and are a deep, dark brown/black in colour. In some cases, mice can leave as many as 80 droppings in a single night, so if you have a mice problem, you’ll soon know about it! 


Bite marks

Mice love to nibble and bite. Whether it’s food or harder surfaces, mice are almost constantly gnawing away at things. The reason being that their teeth grow continuously and mice must grind them down to keep them at a reasonable size. Unfortunately for you, your cupboards and furniture make for excellent teeth grinding and are prime targets for mice. Look to the back of your cupboards and around the corners, if you notice gnaw marks then you definitely have a mice problem. 


Footprints and tracks

In more dusty areas of your home, such as lofts, basements, or even unused cupboards, you may notice small footprints from mice. You may also notice tails marks in the dust where the tail has swiped along the surface. If you notice such tracks and suspect that you have a mice problem, a way to test the theory is to lay some flour or talcum powder and check back each day to see if more tracks appear. If you have a mice infestation, it won’t be long until you see fresh tracks. 


Your pet’s behaviour

If you have a pet, in most cases, they’ll know about your mice problem before you do. If you notice your pet acting strangely, such as being very excited and interested in a particular place in your house, such as a certain cupboard or a corner of a room, then it’s likely you have mice. Pets such as cats and dogs will hear the mice before you do and, most notably, smell the mice before you do. Mice, especially when there are multiple, they will give off an odour, and it may become so strong that you notice it too. Examine the area that your pet is focused on and check for things like droppings and gnaw marks. 



After noticing some of the above signs, the next thing to do is confirm your suspicions by searching for a nest. Mice will make nests out of things like pieces of fabric, paper, and even plants. Look around in dark, remote areas of your home, such as behind kitchen appliances or in the corner of your loft or basement. Finding a nest is a guarantee that you have a mice problem and that you need to call a pest control expert immediately before the problem worsens. 

You may not experience all of these signs, but seeing just one is reason enough to get in touch with us. Here at Inoculand, we have over a decade’s experience in taking care of people’s mice problems in and around London. We’re so confident in our mouse control and proofing service that we offer a one-year guarantee following our visits. Read more about our mouse control service here.