7 signs that you need to call a pest control company

“Taking an early notice of a pest infestation is essential to keep your home and family safe”

1. When you see mice droppings in the kitchen or a mouse running across the floor

Mice are incontinent and they will eventually leave dropping behind. It if often easy to overlook them on the floor, but if you find one at the back of the microwave or on top of the cooker, you then know you have a mice problem.

It is also common to find food packaging chewed through by mouse, or blood on bed linen in case of bedbugs. The best thing to do when this happen is to call a pest control company and leave the professionals to sort it out.

2. Your dog or cat caught sent of a rodent infestation

Our pets would normally behave in a certain way. But if they realise there is a mouse, a rat or even a cockroach underneath the floor boards they will start scratching the floorboards or sniffing at the kick boards.

Sometime they would see a pest running about and start barking and chasing the thing out. By the time we look we might have missed it, but we can still check for rat droppings underneath the kitchen units? By then it is most likely to late to consider DIY pest control products.

3. You got sick: allergic to cockroach droppings or bed bugs bites are ruining your arms and chest

We may not always know why but we can get sick and would then go to the GP. Asthma can be triggered by a number of allergens of which mice hairs, insect droppings, etc… The doctors will often offer alleviating treatments but not always be clear on the cause.

The same goes with a lot of syndromes that can have many possible causes. There are instance of bedbugs infestations that take so much blood as to cause anaemia but without causing skin reactions as to suggest it is from bedbug bites? Food poisoning? Etc…

A trained pest control technician will be able to check for signs of pests activity.

4. Your neighbour told you they called a pest control company to treat their home

Many pests are able to travel within the void spaces from one home to the next. It is especially true for mice control and cockroach infestations. If you neighbour warn you of a pest problem nearby, do take urgent steps to double check your own home. Look for the signs pests leave behind, an insect skin, a dead insect…

In doubt call in a professional pest control service to check the property and put in place monitors or a preventive treatment.

5. You want to protect your business or your home and family from pest control problems

Your peace of mind is paramount. It could be concerns for your new born, or you suffering from a chronic conditions making you vulnerable to disease? It could be that you are a collector or a carpet trader and that you want to protect your stock from moth activity.

You can be a restaurant manager or responsible for a residential block and do not want a mice infestation spreading like wild fire. A pest control company will be able to offer various pest control contracts options to answer your needs.

6. You have been doing your own pest control but without results

Home owners at time can place down bait from the store in their home. It is often a plain wholewheat bait that is not palatable or worse, pre-baited plastic boxes! Also they may not have the necessary expertise and place them in inappropriate areas.

I have seen clients wasting a lot of money on commercial pest control products. They do not know how often and how thoroughly they need to treat. Professional pest control supplies are specially designed for this, and the pest control technician have the training and know how.

7. Refurbishing your house can solve a persistent mouse problem

You do not refurbish you home everyday. So as you do it is essential to do it right. Builders need to seal off all gaps at wall and floor level before they fit the new kitchen units.

We often advise our clients to carry out a preventive treatment before they start work. At this occasion we can explain them what is required. They can then have the builders in removing the old kitchen and sealing off every thing. At this time we come back to inspect the builders work. If we give the OK, the builders can then get on with fitting the new kitchen.

We often visit half refurbished kitchens, builders often remove the skirting board and leave gaps around the pipe work open. By them it is often too late, and the owner is left having to pay for the mouse proofing on a brand new kitchen.

In a way it is best to well spend a small charge on a pest control company rather than waste a lot of money on a badly fitted kitchen.