Are mice in house common in London?

Truth be told, yes they are quite common in London. Actually, mice are common in many cities around the world, London is not an exception whatsoever. All Londoners have to bear this in mind for the rest of their lives. However, there are many preventative methods that will keep mice away from your home.

How to prevent mouse from coming into your home

Mus musculus is the most common mice type in London. They are very easy to recognise:

  • Total lenght: 169 mm
  • Tail: 93 mm
  • Hind foot: 18 mm
  • Weight of adults: 17-25 g

Taking into account their size the easiest way to get rid of them is, firstly, to deplete the stock of mice in the home, and secondly, mouse-proof the house. According to Daniel Neves, Inoculand Ltd Head Biologist, the best approach to mouse proof a house with a guarantee is to block any access points/gaps bigger than 0.5 mm.

Inoculand Ltd mouse proofing strategy has been in place since 2008 with satisfactory results.

Where are mice hidden in my house?

Mice are much more clever that you may expect from a mammal of its size. They travel from one house to another using the pipework and can easily nest underneath the floorboard and in the walls.

If you are hearing noises in the ceiling or the walls in the middle of the night, probably mice are using your home as a shelter. As we said above, this is very common and we should not get overconcerned. First of all, be sure that your home is clean and tidy, do not become mice official food supplier. Secondly, put in place a mice treatment that will deplete the mice population. Finally, contact a professional pest controller to carry out an effective proofing that will keep rodents outside your home.

To sum up, although mice are very common in London, remember that there are many solutions that will bring you peace of mind. If you have further questions or you wish a helping hand do not hesitate to contact Inoculand Ltd.