Block Management

The mouse is drinking coffee

Inoculand provides comprehensive block management for landlords or estate agents that need to provide a trustworthy pest control service. Inoculand always provides a guarantee.

Block management companies in London can use us to treat and mouse-proof any building in order to protect its residents. Mostly, the residential block management London provider of choice would be a London pest control company able to cover all aspects of the trade.

In most cases, the work involves some type of contract covering the communal areas and possibly the flats themselves. Ideally, the block property management team would have rat bait stations placed within the perimeter of the property or along the outer walls before any complaints would even arise.

In the same line, most of the block management agents will have preventive mice control and insect monitoring at the basement and servicing areas. At Inoculand Pest Control, we often advise against placing baits in the hallways. It is unsightly, and mouse proofing at hallway and staircase level would be more likely to stop any mice sightings.

Block management fees in London provide the opportunity for clients to have all their needs met. With the necessary cohesion, any residential block management in London can achieve the right impact at the building level. It would be otherwise impossible.

We can imagine tenants treating their own flat when the next-door flat is just starting to be infested. Scattered treatments would prove highly inefficient in case of cockroach activity or tropical ant activity. Residential block management companies in London have the required expertise, so you do not have to worry.

Residential block management services London

Most of the large developments we see in London have a specialised team in place in charge of managing the various contractors involved in the upkeep of the infrastructure. Over the years, we have provided block contracts through Canonbury, London Block Management UK, Prime Property Management, and Peartree.

We also provide a mouse proofing service to Rendall & Rittner that is designed to stop mice from accessing the buildings from the basement up. Otherwise, most treatment take place in the hallway and staircase following sightings of pests such as mice, cockroaches and silverfish.

Any block management in London has a duty in taking proactive measures, so pests do not even have a chance to reach the upper floors and affect the residents.

Rats and German cockroaches in East London

At the present, we cover two sites in Barking IG1 and IG11 that are presenting a huge challenge because of the sheer size of one and the high level of rat activity of the other.

In the first development, we took over from another contractor that had allowed mice and cockroach activity to spread to the first seven floors. Inoculand first monitored and baited all the meters cupboards throughout the building. Also, we put a special discount in place to incentivize the various flats to get treated at an affordable rate.

Within the very first year, most of the affected flats contacted us. Some of the flats were so heavily infested you could understand why the other pest control company had failed. By using Goliath Gel instead of the less efficient spraying method, the treatment reached deep into the walls and void spaces to eradicate them.

The second development was plagued with rats eating inside the bin chambers and scaring tenants. We first carried out the rodent proofing of the bin sheds using composite metal plates and mesh. We hence managed to stop rats from feeding on the bins. However, rats were more active than ever on the ground.

We doubled the numbers of bait stations, then doubled them again, to no avail. Then we negotiated with the management to double the number of visits for three months. And that did the trick; suddenly, we found a vast number of dead rats everywhere that triggered more complaints than ever. But at last, the activity has gone down to a residual level, and staying on top of it is now a breeze.

At Inoculand, we took a leap of faith and spent heavily to sort out our clients’ problems. After an initial strain, we are now enjoying success.

Oriental cockroaches in South West London

We had been contacted directly by one of the directors regarding a large block of flats in Brixton. She was desperate to find a solution to her problems. The block was plagued with oriental cockroaches up to the third floor, and mice had reached the top floor. She fought our corner and got the old contractor out, and we have thus signed up with the company providing their block management in South East London.

The previous pest controller was carrying out a round of spray once a month. Not only did he not manage to clear the cockroaches out, but he actively contributed to spreading them. The solution was to use the right tools. Using Goliath Gel, Sorexa D, and Sakarat D, we managed to reduce the complaints by over 80% with the first three months.

Freeholders organising block management in North London

Converted terrace houses and mansions are very common in North London. They do not always rely on block management companies. Instead, they are set up as Ltd. and have the director doing the work. We found that type of block management in North London highly efficient, as it allows the billing process to be centralised.

Also, since the managers are also the residents, it often means that we treat not only the communal areas but also treat and often mouse-proof all the flats too. In this way, we y managed to put an end to their problem within two to three weeks. This is particularly releveant when carrying work in the communal areas or dealing with squirrels in the roof space.

Property developers in West London

It is a great victory for us that by doing a superb job in a residential property, we won the confidence of the residents who were property developers. Since then, we have been called to many blocks in which they own flats. And every single time, we put the same mix of treatment and mouse proofing solution in place for best results. I do thank them sincerely, as they contribute to our success.

Mice infestation in a Central London block

It is a very similar story to the one previous. One of the directors suffered from mouse phobia, and the current pest control company had no solutions in place for that. So, she had to pay us to deliver the results she needed. We baited and mouse-proofed her flat. Soon after, we took over from their regular pest controller.

We suffered a hiccup when Cannonbury took the block management over and replaced us with their in-house pest control. But the tenants requested our return categorically. So, we are now signed up with Cannonbury to do the contract in that block.

Block management fees London

We cater to all sizes of developments with monthly contracts ranging from £109+VAT for communal areas and outside spaces of a typical Victorian terrace block of flats.

We also offer quarterly contracts. Whenever the contract covers the inside of the flats, the number of visits is doubled. Every three months, we attend the building and gain access to as many flats as possible. Then the following week, we come back and try to gain access to the flats we missed the first time around.

If you need a pest control solution for your block, do not hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation survey and quote.