Can heat treatment kill fleas?

Over the last years, and as a result of bugs becoming more resilient to standard spraying treatments, we may suffer from infestations that are very tough. This fact is due to the chemical resistance that they have developed every time they survived to an standard -or not properly done- treatment.

Moreover, pests as fleas are even tougher since pets are probably part of the problem. First of all, we should make sure that our pets are completely free of fleas. Secondly, if spraying has not worked or we do not want to use chemicals at home, we will carry out a heat treatment.

Yes, heat treatment can kill fleas

How to get rid of fleas in the house?

The most recommendable treatment to get rid of fleas in the house is heat treatment. This doesn’t mean that spraying is not going to work, in fact in works most of the time, however, there are many key factors to point out in regards to heat treatment.

  • It is a 1-day treatment.
  • Bugs at any stage die instantly.
  • Dry heat is used to warm the areas to treat.
  • We use thermal blaster powered by gas.
  • We may spray as well for maximum impact.

What temperature is needed to kill fleas?

Fleas can’t survive temperatures above 35ºC, although at Inoculand Ltd Pest Control we aim to raise the temperature up to 49-56ºC. The ideal treatment will create a hot airflow that will flow all over the room penetrating any fabrics. The treatment we used to get of fleas is very similar to the one applied to bed bugs. You can read further information by clicking here.