Pest control in Lewisham and mouse proofing service

The mouse is drinking coffee

Inoculand Pest Control is very familiar with the area around Catford and Sydenham. We were registered in that location, but have now moved our headquarters address to Ludgate a few years back. But we are still offering a complete Lewisham pest control service. It actually is in Lewisham that I carried out one of our first mouse proofings, and definitely the most challenging at the time.

Mouse proofing of an upper flat in Lewisham

As part of our range of pest control in Lewisham, we had done a mouse treatment for a resident off Catford station. A family lived there on the top floor of a converted Victorian terraced house. They were experiencing the highest level of mice infestation. The family was surrounded by three properties that were also highly infested. Over the years, our client had relied on various treatments from the Council of Lewisham Pest Control department, all with only short-term success.

The ground floor flat, occupied by two elderly tenants, was cluttered, messy, and badly in need of repair; it showed extensive evidence of mice activity. The next-door property was a family house. The kitchen was in need of repair, and mouse-droppings were evident throughout. The tenants in both houses refused to get treated and argued they did not have a major problem despite the number of droppings telling otherwise.

We had to carry out multiple rebaiting of the top floor flat to bring the activity down. Only then, we carried out the mouse proofing throughout the top-floor of the Victorian terraced house. We left instructions with our client to monitor the poison-level and call us before the poison was depleted. She was to contact us if they continued to see mice or at first sight of mouse-droppings, as this would clearly indicate that some gaps still needed attention.

The Council Pest Control Lewisham service should do mouse proofing

The limitation of a mice treatment is that mice first need to come in before they can get to the poison. And it is the mice coming in that is the problem in the first place.  This is why placing the bait at the back of the kitchen plinth would reduce the need for the mice to intrude into the living space, but it will also protect the proofing at a later stage. Basically, you would want to kill the mice before they reach you or stop them from getting in. Mice infestations are normally more frequent during the summer and carrying out proofing at air vent level can keep them out.

Like most Councils, the Lewisham pest control service only carries out limited mouse proofing by pushing some wire wool into certain gaps. And when it gets more serious, the mouse proofing is pushed to one of the maintenance contractors that work with the council.

It is all fine, but some maintenance engineers are not always aware of how thorough they need to be. I surely came across enough of them being happy enough to block the one hole that appears on their work order and paid little interest in blocking the one that is only a few inches away. When a Lewisham pest control officer requests a proofing to be carried out, they should write in the work order “to seal all gaps around pipework at walls, floor, and kitchen unit level throughout the property.”

Mouse proofing works, but only if 100% of the access points have been sealed off properly. At Inoculand, we know that it is not easily done. The pest control technician has a good understanding of how mice behave, and he is the best suited to actually get the mouse proofing done. I appreciate that the council of Lewisham pest control service may not have the manpower to do it, but it could be very helpful to do some quality control to ensure the job was done to proper specs and that the resident is getting the best service.

Inoculand Ltd is an independent pest control provider

Over the years, we have worked very hard to develop our services and expand the area we cover beyond London. Originally coming from South London, offering a service of pest control to Lewisham residents made complete sense, even if it meant competing with the dedicated Lewisham Pest Control department of the council that caters mostly to council tenants anyway. So, if you are looking for help with any pest, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.