Case studies: Mouse Proofing

Mouse proofing in Lewisham

A client from Lewisham, who lives with her family on the top-floor of a converted Victorian terraced house, was experiencing a high level of infestation by mice. The family were surrounded by three properties which were also highly infested. Over the years, our client had relied on various treatments, all with only short term success.

The ground floor flat, occupied by two elderly tenants, was cluttered, messy and badly in need of repair, it showed extensive evidence of mice activity. The next door property was a family house, the kitchen was in need of repair and mouse-droppings were evident throughout. The tenants in both house refused to admit they had a problem with mice, despite the droppings.

We thoroughly baited and proofed throughout the top-floor of the Victorian terraced house. We left instructions with our client to monitor the poison-level and to call us before the poison was depleted. She was to contact us if they continued to see mice or at the first sight of a mouse-droppings, as this would clearly indicate that some gaps still needed attention.