Case Study 2: Rat Infestation

The mouse is drinking coffee

Rat infestation in Hackney

Acting on a referral, a Hackney take-away shop contacted us on a Sunday to request an emergency visit as rats had been running out in front of the customers.  We found that the shop was surrounded by a rail network track, overgrown vegetation, a builder’s yard and debris of all sorts. Business owners do not always understand how important pest control is.

On inspection, the state of the take-away was terrible, with active rat-holes and rat-droppings everywhere. That very same night, we carried out the proofing and baited for rat activity in order to solve the problem. Within days, the bait was gone and the rats had chewed new holes around the proofing. Under our three-month agreement, we continued to visit in order to bait and improve /repair the proofing.

The rat population is still very active on the bait that is outside the premises, but the proofing has now been completed and rats do not have any access to the inside of the building.

We’re still expecting to revisit the take-away shop on a regular basis in order to repair the proofing, as we don’t think that the rat population will ever completely leave the area. But now, the shop-staff, and the client, will be able to enjoy a pest-free environment.