Case study 3: Pest Control Contract

The mouse is drinking coffee

Pest Control Contracts in Wimbledon

A chain of shops were unhappy with their pest control provider as they continued to suffer from extensive mice activity at their Wimbledon warehouse and shop units that were within train stations. All of the staff were very much involved in cleaning relentlessly and checking stock for potential damage. The business was losing stock, as well as may hours of labour, to mice activity.

The warehouse was located next to a builder, who had no incentive to organise pest control. So the importance of pest control for the two different business differed dramatically.

When we first got involved, we saw that the former pest control company had laid down a huge number of baits within the living space of the building and that there were continuous signs of mouse-activity, despite the mice eating some of the bait.

We first implemented the proofing in the most affected area, clearing out all of the unsightly bait-boxes and relocating them directly within the void space. We then moved on to the next areas, and worked our way through, one area at a time. During the course of the contract, we can report that there have been no more sightings or mouse-droppings in the sensitive areas that have been proofed.

The mice are still eating the poison relentlessly inside the void space, but the mice are not able to come within the warehouse premises and there is no more loss of stock.

In the train stations, mice are able to find food easily from food discarded by travellers. With a full belly, it’s difficult to entice them into eating bait. Also, the shops are often quite open plan, and mice are able to enter without trouble.

By using “peanut butter like bait”, contact gel where appropriate, and also carrying out proofing, we’ve managed to eradicate the problem in two units, the third unit is being refurbished soon.