Case Study 5: Rodent Infestation in a Central London Hotel

Rodent Infestation in Westminster

This particular hotel in Westminster was suffering extensive rat activity at car park level and washing machine room level. Also the linen room was being affected by mice activity and droppings would be found on top of the stored sheets.

The hotel was being followed by two other pest control companies who would not do proofing. Despite visiting the hotel and placing wholewheat bait the activity would not go down. In one instance a member of staff got bitten and had to get a shot.

When we got involved the first thing we did is to place Deadline rat bait at the tube station ventilation system outlet level. The bait was completely eaten after three days, we kept on replenishing and it took about 3 weeks before the rat population was depleted. From there, the hotel managed to get the have the old bed/broken beds picked up from the council.

We also carried out the proofing at the linen room and at the back of the washing machine.

The benefits where instantaneous. The staff would not be afraid anymore going to the washing machine, and the bed linen would not be soiled anymore. The car park at last was cleared of rubbish reducing further the available harbourage for the rats.

When approaching a rodent infestation it is important to put in place a fully integrated pest control strategy. Killing the rodents is only a part of it, you also need to change the environment to make it less hospitable for pest, and change the behaviour.