Does mouse proofing work?

Mouse proofing is considered the most effective long-term solution against mice. If you are not aware of how a mouse proofing looks like you can check a few pictures here. Here at Inoculand Ltd we define proofing as the process where all gaps and access points that could be eventually used by mice to come into the property are sealed.

How does mouse proofing work?

One of the most important things is to make sure that there aren’t mice stuck inside the property when the mouse proofing is carried out. This means that if you block gaps and other access points, and mice are left inside, they can eventually nest in your house and this is the last thing we are looking for. The logic behind proofing is that mice must be left out of the property before any work is carried out.

Is proofing really worth it

Proofing is the long-term solution that you are looking if you want mice not to come back again. Bear in mind that poison will deplete the stock of mice but not blocking any access points will let them build up in number again.

Proofing is worth it because is a long-term solution that will bring you peace of mind

What kind of materials are used in mouse proofing

To carry out a proofing with a guarantee we should use a builder approach rather than a DIY solution. An ideal proofing will be made using solid materials, such as timber, sealant, composite materials, hardboard, wire wool, wire mesh… If there is something we should avoid in any case is expanding foam since rodents can chew through it, what means this solution will not last too much.