How do pest control companies kill rats in London?

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One of the most frequent questions that the Inoculand Pest Control customer service team are asked is “how do you get rid of rats?” One the one hand, people are concerned about the suffering of rats. On the other hand, they want something done as quickly as possible. In this article, we offer a wide range of possibilities for getting rid of rats in London. 

Property inspection

The first step for any pest control professional is inspecting the infested property to determine the extent of the infestation and the safest, most effective course of action. It’s hard to tackle a rat problem until you know a) the approximate number of rats causing the problem and b) the entry points in the property. We must know how the rats are entering the property so that we can prevent them from doing so again (this is called proofing, which we will come to later).

How to kill rats in London

Usually, the preferred treatment is poison (baiting stations). London landlords of residential and commercial premises normally opt to put in place these baiting stations since they bring good results in the short term. Usually, within a matter of days, the rats will take the bait and die swiftly from poisoning. These baiting stations must be laid in the most appropriate places for maximum efficiency. These will be determined by your rat control expert during their initial inspection of the property. Traps can be used as an alternative to poison. However, if traps are used they have to be constantly monitored to prevent rats suffering for too long.

Can I get rid of rats in London without killing them?

This question has been asked many times by animal rights activists. The answer is yes, but you should take into account that the process will take longer than it otherwise would. Methods like using a plug-in sound or odour repellents can be employed, but they vary in effectiveness. Sometimes, all they really do is push the rats to your neighbours’ house, which merely moves the problem rather than solving it altogether. In many cases, once you stop using one of these methods, rats will come back unless the proper precautions are taken. This is where proofing comes in.

Rodent proofing

As we have already mentioned in other articles, at Inoculand Ltd we are specialists in rodent proofing. This method consists of identifying and blocking any gaps, holes or other access points that may be used by pests as an entry point. We always recommend that bait is laid before we start the proofing process. This is because we want to flush out any existing pests; sealing all entry (and therefore, exit) points will result in rats being trapped inside your property. 

Here at Inoculand, we strive to provide the most effective pest control service in London while also being as humane as possible. Taking care of rat infestations quickly is better for both our clients and the pests themselves, and as pest control specialists, you can rest assured knowing that you’re in safe hands. Please contact our customer service team if you have a rat problem in London or the surrounding areas.