How often pest control should be done?

What a great question, isn’t it? We are conscious people concerned about pest control, above all shops and restaurants owners and managers, but maybe we are not sure about how often pest control visits should be done. Sometimes, it is not enough to have a pest control visit, moreover, the periodicity really makes a difference.

There is no standard periodicity established. When a pest controller does a survey, he will recommend the visits needed according to his assessment criteria. This assessment is based on different factors, such as the type of pest, season, commercial or residential premises and so on.

Key factors

If the pest you are suffering from is a seasonal one, it will make little sense to put in place a monthly contract. However, if the pest is likely to come more often, a regular basis contract will hold the pest off.

At Inoculand Ltd, we normally devise pest control programmes: yearly, biannual, quarterly, bimonthly and monthly. The key factors we take into account to assess how often the pest control visit should be done are as follows:

  • Level of infestation
  • Legal requirements
  • Type of pest (rodents, insects…)
  • Surroundings
  • Vulnerable people (pregnant, elder people, baby…)
  • Commercial or residential premises

How often should a pest control technician visit commercial premises?

If the commercial store requires top attention regarding pest control, take a food store or doctor’s practice as example, the visit should be done under a quarterly basis. This will prevent any future pest and will help the technician to identify first evidences of pests.

At Inoculand Ltd, you can request a free of charge of survey for certain premises (contact customer service to check if a free survey can be done here).