Mouse control without poison

In the last few years many animal rights activists have contacted Inoculand Ltd looking for a painless and harmless solutions against their rodent issue. They chose our company because of the approach given by our Head Biologist Daniel Neves to each strategy he devises.

At first, we were a little bit surprised because we have never been asked to get rid of a pest without poison. However, we understood very quickly how important was for these animal rights activists to solve the issue without hurting the rodents.

Is it possible to get rid of mice without poison?

Yes, it is. Nevertheless, baiting is still the first step when we have to deal with a mouse infestation. The bait will help us to deplete the stock of mice. In fact, this is the aim of a proper pest control service.

How can I keep them out with no poison at all?

Ok, here comes the key question. We will be able to make your home a comfy place again. But please, bear in mind that it may take a little bit more of time since we will not use any kind of poisons.

The solution is to survey the property throughout and identify any gaps or access points. Secondly, we will block them thoroughly. The biggest risk we are taking is to leave a mouse stuck inside of the property -this is the reason why we always put in place a baiting treatment first-. Finally, we will monitor actively during the following weeks to check whether mice can still have access. If, unfortunately, a mouse is stuck inside the property we might use cages to catch them.

At Inoculand Ltd we encourage you to use only professional pest controllers and approaches. You can read more about our mice control service in London here.