How much does pest control cost in London

You need to carry out pest control services in your property, but most importantly, you need a cost-effective long-term solution that will put an end to your pest issue. If you want to know how much pest control costs, then look no further.

Pest control prices may vary greatly between companies and what matters is getting the best service with the best results. Here at Inoculand Ltd. we consider our mice control treatment as one of the most advantageous in London. We make a point of sharing all our pricing and service details so people can make an informed decision about who to ask for help.

What is the average cost for pest control in London?

The average cost for pest control in London will depend on the pest you are dealing with and the method of treatment implemented.

Pest control prices for mice in London can vary depending on the size of the property and the number of visits contracted. On average, the cost of pest control for mice for a residential property may range between £89 + VAT and £158 + VAT. In general, the cost of getting rid of mice varies due to several factors such as the quality of bait used and the time available to spend at the client address.

Similarly, the total fumigation cost for a service such as bed bugs or moth treatments will vary according to the number of visits that are included. Never contract a company that offers only a one-off visit as it will only knock down the adult insects and not be enough to take care of the remaining eggs. Because of the biology of insects, aim for two visits carried out at two-week intervals. On average, fumigation service prices for a one-bedroom flat should be between £210 + VAT and £320 + VAT.

What is the cost of a mice treatment in London?

Once you have spotted mice running across your kitchen, seen droppings or heard strange noises in the middle of the night, you have enough evidence to consider that mice are either nesting in your property or using your dwelling as a shelter.

How much does pest control cost for mice?

Some companies will adapt the cost of pest control for mice to the size of the property they are treating. Some companies will charge according to the number of bait boxes they will place down, and they will sometimes even want to place an extra bait box on top of your pillow as a way to charge a little bit more. You need to find the type of service that will fit your needs at a cost you can afford.

Inoculand’s mice extermination costs in London

Mice control is one of our core services. And it is essential for us to have not only the best mice service in London but the most complete at the best value as well.

Mice treatment: £129 + VAT

Mice control price for one-bedroom flat: £129 + VAT

Mice control price for two-bedroom flat: £129 + VAT

Mice control price for three-bedroom flat: £129 + VAT

As you’ll notice, the mice treatment is a flat fee. For Inoculand, the cost of mouse extermination in London is very much the same in a one-bedroom flat as in a three-bedroom property. This is because most of the work to be done is at the kitchen level, airing cupboard, gas meter cupboard, and sometimes in the bathroom as well. We treat the areas where the mice are most active, right at entry point level, as to not encourage mice to go further into the living space, where they are not welcome to start with.

Our mice treatment in London consists of two visits within three months. Returning frequently after two weeks when there is no activity is wasteful. We feel it is best to leave it in the hand of the client to call us back in as and when they need the follow-up visit.

Pest control near me: What price should I expect?

If I was looking for pest control near me, the price is not the only thing I would take into account. The quality of the treatment itself is a key factor to get the best value for money. Inoculand Ltd. covers all London areas and even Greater London, so if you need pest control services near you, you can count on great value for money.

What is the cost for an inspection?

Sometimes we see a mouse run in front of us and we know we have a mice problem. But in other instances, we only hear noise or are not sure what we saw. We may get a skin rash but not be sure if it’s from bed bugs or allergies. Whatever the reason, you can always ask for a pest control survey free of charge. Pest control inspections will allow us to confirm the presence of evidence of pest infestations or assess the amount of work required for mouse proofing or bird work.

How much does spider pest control cost?

Spiders are easily sorted out with a single visit. It normally involves spraying or fumigating a particular area. The price for a regular spider treatment is £129 + VAT and normally covers up to a one- or two-bedroom flat and outside walls or balcony, as and when appropriate.

How much does fly pest control cost?

A fly infestation is often linked to an underlying problem that needs to be sorted out as to remove the flies’ breeding grounds. Normally we carry out a single visit and apply residual products as well as carrying out an ultra-low volume (ULV) fumigation. But in some instances, repeated visits are required because the cause cannot be removed and the flies remain an ongoing problem.

The typical price for fly pest control is £129 + VAT. In the hospitality industry, we often have contracts in place to deal with fruit flies at the cost of £109 + VAT.

How much does flea pest control cost?

The average price of flea extermination is £358 + VAT for a three-bedroom flat. The smaller the property the lower the cost; the more extensive the area to be treated, the more expensive it gets.

Because fleas are so tough and disruptive, many clients opt to do a full heat treatment to get rid of them. But the flea heat treatment cost for the same three-bedroom flat would be £1140 + VAT, so about three times as much.

What is the monthly cost for a contract?

The average commercial pest control cost per routine visit is £109 + VAT. Their frequency can be monthly, every six weeks, or quarterly. The charge will depend on the nature and size of the premises as well as the extent of the cover contracted.

The average residential pest control cost is £69 + VAT and normally covers for rats or mice infestations that cannot be prevented by other means.

How much does pest control cost for ants?

The ant pest control cost for residential properties is normally £129 + VAT since the same gel formulation is effective on all types of ants. Although outdoor ant nests will often be treated following other methods, the price will often remain the same.

How much does pest control cost for bed bugs?

The price structure for our bed bug service is similar to the one for fleas, but in the case of bed bugs, there is also the option to use a steam cleaner. At Inoculand we use a professional pest control cleaner to flash burn all stages of bed bugs. For comparison, the typical price to steam bed bugs to death for a three-bedroom flat is £758 + VAT.

How much does pest control cost for rats?

Rat removal costs cover for the required trapping, disposal of dead bodies, and baiting. The cost of a rat treatment program is £270 + VAT with a minimum of three scheduled visits and unlimited call-outs.

However, rat jobs often require further work being carried out at drain level. If you have a blocked drain or find stone debris at the bottom you may need more work done. A CCTV drain survey cost would be £158 + VAT and fitting a no-return valve would often cost £300 + VAT.

How much does pest control cost for wasps?

The cost for wasp nest removal is normally a flat price of £89 + VAT. If there is more than one nest to be destroyed, every other nest would be done at a discounted rate. However, nests that require digging or cutting back overgrown vegetation may get significantly more expensive.

If you’d like to check and review the prices of all pest treatments, you can do so here.

Do you have any questions?

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