Why is pest control so important?

There are a number of valid reasons why pest control is so important. By far the most important thing to keep in mind is that pests are carrier of diseases. By taking care of pests in a residential property you safeguard the wellbeing of its tenant. By preventing pest in a commercial property, you do protect the health and safety not only of their customers, but also of the staff.

From mild to strong infestation

Another element is that there is not really any alternative but taking into account pest control. 

Failure to implement appropriate pest control measures would allow a mild infestation to become a strong infestation with all the consequences that this carries. The psychological impact on tenants would be tremendous and would most likely drive anyone to move out. For commercial premises, pests sighting would be a turn off for costumers and push the business owner into disrepute.

Pest control to protect your investment

A third strong argument is that pests will undermine the soundness of any building and depreciate it in the long run. An immediate consequence of having rodents would be them gnawing through electric wires, wood work and other features. Other pests will leave behind signs that the property was once heavily infested. We can consider the potential repair and re-decorating costs that could derive from a pests infestations. Otherwise this in effect could constitute a motive to turn down a rental agreement or to bring down an asking purchase price. 

Finally, suffering from a pest infestation would be like having a sword hanging over your head. Soon or later, the owner will face a point where he has no other choice but facing the music. It could be through a legal challenge, or because of a claim for compensation. The people that have the most to lose would be food businesses that are closely monitored by Environmental Health Officers. They would not only end up with some penalties, but they may be forcibly closed to the public for a significant amount of time.

Top important things

  • 1​Protect your health and wellbeing.
  • 2​Protect your peace of mind.
  • 3​Protect your premises and investment.
  • 4​Respect laws and regulations.
  • 5Protect your income.

The importance of pest control

Because not doing everything you can to prevent pest would be a false economy that people would end up paying dearly. Hence, you now know why pest control is so important.