Pests and construction sites: signs of infestation

The mouse is drinking coffee

If left unchecked, construction sites can be a safe haven for a host of pests. With numerous nooks and crannies to hide in, as well as a surplus  of building materials to feed on, pests can thrive in areas of building development. And if they do, the consequences can be serious; apart from potentially costly damage to materials and structures, there are a number of health and safety concerns. You need to be clued up on the first signs of a pest breakout so you can swiftly nip it in the bud. Here are the top three indicators that you need to take action. 




The most common construction site pests are rodents and birds, and both are usually first detected through their droppings. Whether they’re scattered or concentrated in a specific area, mouse or rat pellets are strong indicators of a nearby nest. Whilst the presence of these rodents is a problem in itself, their droppings represent a very real health hazard; they carry a potentially life-threatening group of infections called hantaviruses, as well as the equally-dangerous pathogens of E.Coli, Salmonella, and C. difficile


Bird droppings also contain a number of harmful bacteria, but the risk they pose is further heightened by a couple of other factors. Aside from creating a potential risk of slipping on a construction site, the uric acid of bird droppings can wear away at surface materials, causing expensive damage. 

Damage to buildings materials 


Mice and rats can gnaw, chew, and nibble their way through all manner of materials, and those used in the building industry are no exception. Wall and roof insulation, ceiling tiles, and electrical cables can all fall prey to the ravenous appetites of construction site pests. Replacing the damaged items  can cause a dent in your budget and delays to your schedule. If they go unnoticed, however, they could cause serious hazards upon completion. For example, damaged electrical cables pose a substantial fire risk, and could lead to your construction company receiving a hefty fine (as happened with this Welsh company a few years ago). 


Gatherings of birds 


When birds begin to congregate in certain areas of a construction site, it’s a sign that they have potentially set up a nesting site. This generally occurs in areas where there is little human activity – remote corners within scaffolding or building shells are common. Although it’s impossible to stop birds from visiting the site, it’s imperative to prevent them from roosting – failure to do so could lead to the kind of damage detailed above, and further set-backs to the building timetable. 


Keeping your construction site pest-free is important for protecting the budget and deadlines of your project. If you notice any of the signs detailed in this post, it’s time to contact a professional pest controller. They’ll undertake a full inspection of the site, implement preventive or responsive measures, and will regularly monitor them going forward. With their help, you’ll be able to complete your construction project on time, on budget, and with fewer risks to the health and safety of your workers. 


If you want to ensure that your construction is pest-free, get in contact with Inoculand. Our veteran pest-controllers will give a full assessment of your site and implement the measures needed to ward off any nuisance animals.