Quick pest control

One day you wake up in the middle of the night, the noise of rodents scratching the wood or moving fast across the ceiling are too loud and worrying so you can keep on sleeping. Does it sound familiar? This is one of the most common request that we receive at Inoculand Ltd Pest Control.

Emergency pest control

Individual suffering from mouse phobia wants to feel secure in their home. And when it comes to rodent coming in, there is no quicker pest control strategy than the mouse proofing.

Despite the fact that this situation is very distressing, we should not panic at all. At least, we have clear evidences that something is happening aroud. Actually, identifying the issue and where it’s coming from is already a succesful step. Inoculand Ltd endeavours to provide quick and effective pest control services. We understand how distressful these situations are, above all, when you have children or vulnerable people at home.

Get a fast pest control service in London

If as said above, the noises do not stop, it probably means that the rodents are nesting inside your property. Take mice as example, they are very skilled and can make their way into almost any place through tiny gaps or even cracks. At best, they are stuck in the walls and they will not have direct access into the property, however, knowing they are there and hearing the noises every single night will make you suffer, and all you in need during your sleep time is peace of mind and quietness.

How quick can this treatment be done?

Our aim is to assist any call out within 24 hours. Nevertheless, there are many factors that should be taken into account, such as location, infestation level, equipment needed. In 2018, our rodent team has succesfully treated hundreds of properties and commecial premises. Many of the callouts were atended within hours from the first notice.

Prevention is the keyword

The head biologist of Inoculand Ltd recommends not to wait until is too late to put in place a profesional treatment. According to Daniel, DIY might work in some circumstances but it does not replace profesional ones at all.