Rodent proofing air bricks

The other day, one of Inoculand Ltd pest control engineers had to carry out a survey in a property which holes were fully blocked by another pest control company. The owner of the house had a big concern that the first technician overlooked any gaps or holes, so she got in touch with Inoculand Ltd Head Biologist Daniel Neves to ask for a survey.

Air vent can be used by mice to come in to your property

After a thorough survey throughout the property, the pest control officer could not find any overlooked gap. Let it all be said, the proofing was carried out with expanding foam, an extended and unrecommended practice since mice can chew it and make their way through it. Therefore, if the proofing was not too bad, where is the issue then?

Mouse mesh to cover air brick

In the end, the trick was in the air brick located in the boiler room, where there were several air vents. It is important to consider air vents and air bricks when a rodent proofing is carried out. The point in this case is that the previous pest control company only uses expanding foam to do proofing. At Inoculand Ltd we use all kind of materials. In this case, the technician used mesh to stop rodents coming in without blocking ventilation.

Mesh to stop mice

Our technicians are fully equipped with tools and materials. When it comes to mesh, we have big pieces that are cut as needed in order to fit the air brick 100%.