Spraying or heat treatment: what should I choose?


When you have a pest infestation in your home, you’ll want to deal with it as soon as possible. Whether you’re suffering from bed bugs, cockroaches, or fleas, there are many ways to deal with critters inside your home. Two of the most common are spraying with pesticide and using heat treatment. Which is better? Let’s take a look at what they are, and which is the most effective. 


What is spray treatment for pests? 


Spray treatment involves filling an infested space with a gaseous pesticide. Depending on the type of chemical used, the pesticide either kills pests on contact or poisons them, meaning that bugs at all stages of development are affected. 


The effectiveness of spray treatment depends on the type of pesticides used, their strength in the solution, and the expertise of the person applying them. 


Certain pests are resistant to particular pesticides. Cockroaches, for instance, can actually build a resistance to some pesticides if not applied in the correct dosage. The problem is further exacerbated if the person administering it is not qualified – only professional pest controllers can read the situation and target the most effective areas. 


In order for spray treatments to rid your home of pests, repeated visits are required. This is to ensure that all pests are removed, including eggs. The number of visits needed depends on the severity of the infestation. 


What is heat treatment? 


Heat treatment involves raising the temperature of an infested space to 56ºC or above for a prolonged period of time, killing bugs in the process. 


The real advantage of heat treatment is that it exterminates pests regardless of which stage of life they’re at – from eggs to pupae and adults. This means that repeat visits aren’t necessary, and you can be pest-free in just one day. 


Another advantage is that it doesn’t rely on chemicals, as spray treatment does. This isn’t only better for the environment but can be a huge relief if you normally suffer from pesticide-related allergies. 


When dealing with pests in your home, both spray treatment and heat treatments are viable options to take. Bear in mind though, that spray treatments must be administered by professional pest controllers if you want to get rid of those bugs as quickly as possible. Heat treatment, on the other hand, not only acts faster than pesticide spray, but avoids provoking any of your allergies. 


If you currently have an infection in your home or office, then get in contact with Inoculand. Based in London, our professional pest controllers will find the best solution to ensure you’re bug-free as soon as possible.