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The most common type of tropical ant that you’ll have a problem within London is Pharaoh ants. They are very small and difficult to see, but they quickly build up in numbers.

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Why get rid of ants?

Ants in London do not pose a huge threat to your health. They don’t transmit diseases and they don’t cause you direct harm either. However, the issue that ants cause is cross-contamination. They may walk on something unclean and later walk on your food and surfaces, often spreading bacteria and general dirt. Tropical ants can be more frequent during the winter because of the central heating system, and garden ants are more of a seasonal pest in spring and summer.

Need help with an Ant problem?

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How does the ant treatment work?

The gel we use has a texture similar to honey and can be applied to a number of surfaces or cracks where ants are active. It triggers a domino effect, killing the colony’s brood and queens. Within days you will notice a visible reduction in the number of ants you’ll see. It is far superior to any spray or powder because instead of just killing the ants, it kills the queens that lay eggs, and thus completely tackles the ant infestation from the top down.

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The gel is highly viscous, almost colourless and odourless. However, it is slightly hazardous if absorbed through the skin and can cause moderate eye irritation. Therefore, special care must be taken to prevent pets and children tampering with it. That being said, the gel is usually placed in cracks and around skirting boards so it is easy to avoid contact. Once the ant pest control service is completed, wash these areas thoroughly with soap and warm water.

Ant pest control service in London

The problem with spraying

People in London normally spray ants with an insecticide. Although this may kill some ants, the queens will often remain out of sight and unharmed, laying more eggs to replenish the numbers. Before long, the ants will start appearing again. Using ant gel prevents this.

The Queen ant

When dealing with an ant infestation, the problem is the nest and the queen. It is better to cure the disease, rather than simply treat the symptoms. The best ant pest control service is the one that kills off the queens that are at the heart of the problem.

What is the cost of ant control in London?

Inoculand can treat your home for any type of ant from £129+VAT using top-of-the-range ant gel. The gel stays active for up to three months and offers you maximum protection. This is why a one-off visit is enough for effective ant control.

We also offer a money-back guarantee for maximum peace of mind.

Types of ants in London

Most people will only ever see the common black ant species. Most of the time we can find nests just behind the outer wall of a property, adjacent to the rooms that are infested. On rare occasions, we might find the nest inside the home, underneath the shower base or inside the masonry.

One of the biggest issues we face is the tropical ant species. They mostly affect purpose-built flats, but they can easily affect any type of home as tenants move from one address to the next. These ants are carriers of pathogens and can therefore have an impact on your health.

The most common type of tropical ant that you’ll have a problem within London is Pharaoh ants. They are so small and difficult to see, but they soon build up in numbers, create new satellite nests and spread further throughout a building.

In London, flying ants often suddenly appear from the corner of a room at skirting board level. This is a sign that ants are nesting in the wall cavity.

In a matter of moments, you can have hundreds of large winged ants appearing, and you’ll usually be unaware of an ant problem beforehand. Flying ants are one particular type of ant that is designed for breeding.

Every so often, there will be an explosion of flying ants so new queens can be born and continue the reproductive cycle. This happens very quickly, and by the time the ant exterminator arrives, the numbers will have depleted naturally, leaving dead ants on the floor. The issue here will be once again to take care of the nest before the next swarm takes place.

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