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We provide professional bed bug treatment across London. The two main strategies we use are heat treatment or spraying with either pesticides or organic solutions.

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Professional Bed Bug Removal & Pest Control

​We can use heat treatment (thermal eradication) to get rid of bed bugs. This approach requires any fire alarm system to be disabled. It is carried out by our specialist technicians who are solely dedicated to this form of bed bug treatment. We use the latest technology in thermal blasting.

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly difficult to control using chemicals due to legislation changes and the chemical resistance they’ve built up. Heat treatment is fast becoming the best way to cleanse your home of bed bugs.

Need help with Bed Bugs?

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In London, the demand for bed bug treatment is increasing. It’s a growing problem and the general public is becoming aware of it thanks to media coverage.

The bed bug issue is exacerbated in London because of house sharing being commonplace and a city-wide high turnover of tenants. Tourism is also a factor that affects bed bugs. Londoners travel a lot, and London receives a very high number of visitors from all over the world. This increases the chance of infested suitcases contaminating other environments such as the tube, airports, luggage hold of planes, hotels and flats.

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

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Our first visit

Inoculand Heat Treatment relies on thermal blasting to raise the temperature of your home to above 56º C. The aim of this is to destroy bed bugs at every stage of their life cycle. A typical heat treatment takes between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the area to be treated. Once completed, we reinforce the treatment by spraying insecticides.

Two weeks later

After two weeks, we will return to repeat the operation using superheated steam and respray to ensure that no residual activity persists. In line with Inoculand’s policy, we prefer to do too much rather than not enough to ensure the service is effective. Our Heat Treatment service is a 100%-guaranteed bed bug removal service.

As more and more places are infested, the chance of picking up bed bugs increases accordingly. Furthermore, the standard of pest control on London public transport and in most hostels is often inappropriate. This means it’s very easy for you to unknowingly pick up bed bugs on your clothing and luggage just be moving around the city.

Pesticide-Based Bed Bug Removal Services

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Pesticide-based treatment

We also offer pesticide-based bed bug treatment as a standalone service in addition to our Heat Treatment service. Our approach to chemical forms of bed bug pest control has been overseen by our expert biologist and the chemicals are all HSE-approved.

An expert service

We are experts in using the right formulation for the right environment, taking into account every factor on an individual basis. These chemicals include various killing agents, synergisers and insect growth regulators that will attack the insect’s biology on many fronts.

Using a spray for professional bed bug removal

As a pest control company, we never take risks. After treatment, tenants will need to stay clear of the sprayed area until it’s completely dry (up to six hours). We strongly recommend heat treatment as the preferred bed bug treatment method whenever you have children, vulnerable people and pets.

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Repeat visits

Bed bug infestations in London that are treated with pesticides will require repeat visits in order to break the life cycle of the insects. In the meantime, tenants will have to endure bed bug activity while the treatment follows its course and depletes the number of adults, nymphs and eggs.

Your sofa

The sofa is a critical part of the house which often gets infested and it’s important to prevent the bed bug infestation spreading to other rooms. If your sofa is infested and your bedroom isn’t, it’s advisable to sleep on the sofa for the duration of the treatment to prevent spreading.

Blankets & pillows

If you store blankets and pillows inside a cupboard during the day for use at night, then the cupboard should be sprayed and the door left open for the duration of the treatment.

Heat the entire room

If a property does not have any residents, then bed bugs will not come out to feed (since they feed on human blood), and therefore they will not be fully exposed to the pesticides. In this instance, the only solution for bed bug control is heat treatment, since heat treatment does not require direct contact – the entire room’s temperature will increase regardless.

Heat treatment

So, to avoid renting a property or a room with ongoing bed bug activity, landlords and hotel managers looking for a quick turnaround should only consider heat treatment. It’s the fastest and most effective form of bed bug treatment.

Bed Bugs FAQs

Bed bugs are opportunistic and people pick them up without noticing. Beyond that, not taking notice early enough will lead to a large infestation. Also, having a high turnover of tenants will increase the chance of a bed bug infestation. Typically, they are picked up and spread in hostels, hotels, shared flats with a high turnover, on public transport, and at work. In other words, you can pick them up almost anywhere!

The first signs to look for are bite marks on your skin. Swelling often only appears when people are sensitive or allergic to them. A person may be getting bitten by bed bugs and not know it for a while if they don’t suffer from an allergy.

Then, to confirm the bed bug infestation, look for blood spots, insect skin, nymphs, and bed bugs themselves at the back of your headboard, at the foot of your bed, on the creases of the mattress and bedsheets.

Bed bugs are resilient. You stand little chance of fully exterminating bed bugs using commercial products. The most efficient approach for removing bed bugs is heat treatment mentioned above. However, you can also solve your bed bug problem by repeatedly using residual insecticides and insect growth regulators from a professional pest control company. Diatomaceous Earth also has a detrimental effect on bedbugs and can be used alongside chemical treatment for full eradication.

You can buy bed bug sprays in most good supermarkets and hardware stores, including Tesco, Asda, Boots, Wilkinsons, and B&Q. However, we at Inoculand can only fully endorse professional bed bug removal methods.

The only method that kills bed bugs quickly is heat treatment. It is a one-day, 100%-guaranteed bed bug eradication service. Adult bed bugs, nymphs and eggs are all destroyed at once.

Chemical treatments only kill the bedbugs as they come out to feed and crawl on the pesticides. Typically, a pesticides-based bed bug treatment in London will take approximately 3-4 weeks to solve the problem. During this time, tenants are likely to keep being bitten.

No, bed bugs cannot jump. If you’ve seen a small bug resembling a bed bug jump, it’s likely to have actually been a flea. Fleas also bite, but typically leave bite marks around your ankle whereas bed bugs mostly bite our upper bodies.

Bed bugs are introduced to a property by its tenants, often from second-hand furniture or luggage after a holiday.

Therefore, we recommend preventive measures such as inspecting for signs of bed bugs infestations, steaming or hot washing your travel bags and clothes, and spraying with insecticides periodically – especially if your house has a high rate of tenant turnover.

Any bite can cause a skin reaction, and the reaction can often be very similar, whether it’s from bed bugs or mosquitoes. Most people in London may start thinking they are mosquito bites until they see blood spots on their mattress or the insect itself. If, despite using mosquitoes plug-in repellants, you still get bitten, it is likely that you have a bed bug problem.

Bed bugs bites can trigger an inflammatory response and cause redness, heat and pain. Scratching will only exacerbate the issue and delay healing. It’s best to use specialised cream to treat the irritated area.

The main advantage of heat treatment is the speed at which it gets rid of bed bugs. Another benefit is that it doesn’t require the use of potentially harmful chemicals. That will greatly appeal to people who are allergic or sensitive to pesticides. Heat treatment is also the ONLY way to effectively treat an infested property that is vacant.

Heat treatment in hotels or any accommodation business is a great option because it allows for a quick turnaround and will prevent future guests from picking up bed bugs. London hotels and hostels cannot control bed bugs using pesticides, nor can landlords rent out the rooms while the treatment is following its course, because of the time it takes.

As soon as you see bed bugs at work , then the building manager should arrange the suitable treatment of the office, and all employees should be vigilant not having taken them hone already.

From there, all staff should refrain from taking any items between home and work. Bags should be hanged rather than left on top of the desk or on the floor.

At home, you should want to treat your clothes as contaminated and put them straight through the machine machine or keep them in a sealed bag. Same for your bags.

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