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Cockroach infestations often build up in areas that are warm and humid, such as the back of the fridge or under the bath.

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How to get rid of a cockroach infestation

Spraying them with insecticides is not recommended. The pesticides may flush the cockroaches away towards the neighbours and spread the infestation further, only for it to return at a later time. It will not solve the core problem.

At Inoculand, we refuse to use spraying treatments on cockroaches for this very reason. Nowadays, there are high-tech products that allow us to reach cockroaches where they breed – inside walls and even inside domestic appliances.

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Our cockroach control methods

We use Goliath Gel from BASF. It is the fastest, most effective, and most long-lasting cockroach treatment available.

Inoculand will only recommend cockroach heat treatment if the client needs to clear the property of the infestation instantly, or needs to decontaminate something in particular before shipping. In other cases, Goliath Gel is far less disruptive for residents.

Cockroach infestation treatment

Goliath Gel

Goliath Gel is a cockroach removal treatment that has no smell and can be applied at any time of the day. There is no need to vacate the property – you can even cook while we perform the treatment! The gel formulation allows for accurate placement in areas inhabited by cockroaches so there’s often no need to even empty the cupboards.

Very effective

Cockroaches take the bait within minutes of us placing it and it kills them within hours. The benefit is that cockroaches have time to return where they naturally hide and breed. Here they disseminate poisoned droppings, spreading the poison to areas where spraying could never reach. Other cockroaches will feed on the poison and die in a cascade effect that will wipe out the colony completely.

Long-lasting protection

Goliath Gel remains active for two to three months. This ensures that no cockroaches escape the treatment and that your home is protected from reinfestation for a long time. For comparison, to get rid of an infestation using a spraying method would require at least three visits at two-week intervals, and would leave you no protection from repeat infestations.

What is the cost of cockroach control?

Inoculand offers a cockroach control service from £129+VAT to treat your kitchen and bathroom.

If cockroaches have been seen in another room, then we’ll treat your entire property. We always strive to provide the best service and value for money, which is why our treatments are 100% guaranteed. You can also request a free-of-charge follow-up visit anytime within three months of your original treatment.

Types of cockroaches we treat in London

Most cockroach infestations in London are caused by Blattella germanica (German cockroaches) that can affect virtually any kind of property in any location. They are quite small and can easily climb on your kitchen units.

You may also find Blatta orientalis (Oriental cockroaches) that are distressingly large. This type of cockroach is often linked to underground areas, sewers and drains. Once there, you cannot eradicate them from the sewers/underground areas so you can be sure you will be reinfested sooner or later. In some extreme cases, it is best to have some sort of ongoing pest control contract to protect large residential estates. Since Goliath Gel is so long-lasting, only one visit every three months is needed.

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