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Failing to take care of a fly problem promptly could turn it into a serious issue with detrimental consequences.

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It is important to contact a pest control service as soon as possible, and we’ll choose the method of fly removal that’s most appropriate.

Each fly species has its own behaviours and unique biological make-up. We look at where they may be coming from, and if there are any conditions that aid their development. Once we have identified the factors contributing to the fly infestation, we can find the most effective type of treatment. Besides using pesticide-based fly control methods and traps, we must take extra care to eliminate any breeding sites on your premises.

Need help with a Fly problem?

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Commercial fly issues

Most of the commercial fly control in London we do takes place in restaurants and bars. Every business is unique, and so is the fly infestation affecting them. As such, there is no universal fly control service that can be implemented in all cases. Our pest control technicians have the tools and experience to choose the right strategy for you. To be an effective pest management service, it will need to be ongoing.

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Other commercial premises that do not deal with food, such as offices and retail units, can also suffer from a fly problem. The reason is usually food being left in cupboards and drawers, or food waste being left for too long inside the bins. Sometimes the fly infestation is caused by other factors, such as the cleanliness of the local area.

The best strategy is to encourage all employees to remove food from their desks and practise proper workplace sanitation. Then, chemical remedies can be used as a last resort. A professional fly exterminator will use a residual spray and a non-residual (fogging) treatment.

How does the fly treatment work?

The difficulty with flies is that you need to extensively treat the entire area that is affected. The first step is to spray residual insecticides on the surfaces where they normally rest. This will not only kill off flies that are directly sprayed but also make a lasting impact that will prevent flies from building up for several weeks.

Then, depending on the species and circumstances of your particular fly infestation, we can also carry out a fogging treatment that will reach flies anywhere they may hide and knock them out instantly. ULV (fog) treatments are very effective as the fog will diffuse throughout the room. In such an instance, it is paramount that all foods are stored in sealed containers, and that all utensils and kitchenware is washed afterwards.

What is the cost of pest control for flies?

Inoculand Ltd provides fly control in London from £129+VAT for residential properties and commercial premises. The most common types of fly we treat as part of our pest control in London are fruit flies and blue bottle flies.

However, there are many more types of flies, such as drain flies and cluster flies, that can affect your home. We can help you identify what is causing the fly infestation and offer long-term solutions.

Types of flies in London

We receive complaints from both the residential and commercial sector, but the scenarios and solutions vary dramatically. More often than not, when a tenant reports fruit flies in their home it will be linked to overripe fruit, old vegetables going off or the kitchen waste bin.

The long-term solution here is to have better food turn over routine, and to take the rubbish out daily and replace the bin bags. Often, homes that rely on organic food from the street market tend to have more of an issue. Sometimes the issue is also exacerbated by a poor cleaning routine.

Pubs are especially affected because of the beer taps’ spills that makes for perfect breeding ground. Ice-cream parlours are also often affected because of the melted ice-cream spills and the fresh fruit they holds to make smoothies.

The resulting sugary juices and alcohol will ferment to some extent and the derived vinegar may only attract them further. Once fruit flies are in a premises, they will eventually rally around sink and bin areas.

Home remedies alone may not be able to remove the issue, cleaning, drying, higher turn around of fresh products, emptying bins more regularly, using air-tight containers.

In the long term, an ongoing pest control strategy may be put in place in the form of electronic fly killers and use of appropriate pesticides where and when necessary.

In food handling establishments, flies can contaminate food and deter customers. Adult flies will be looking for human foods and never be far from their breeding sites. They are often seen as an opportunistic intruder, best kept out using fly mesh and dealt with using an electronic fly killer.

In London, fly treatments are often required following a sudden outbreak of Bluebottle flies within a property. One type of treatment kills them as they enter a living space. The drawback here is that a large number of dead flies may be spotted around your premises instead of them flying around. It’s not an ideal, long-term solution, but it takes care of the problem in the short-term and allows you to make use of the infested areas of your property again.

In can be quite dramatic as a room can have 50-100 flies at once without apparent reason. The reality behind it can be quite grim. Bluebottle flies often lay eggs in dead rodents, pigeons or other dead animals that may be found deep underneath the building, or possibly underneath some floorboards or within a shaft. Once they all hatch, you could have a serious infestation all of a sudden.

Also known as filter flies or sewage flies, they will often breed on decaying organic matter such as raw sewage and will need standing water to breed. They are often linked to a damaged drainpipe, possibly a back surge, or grease/grime built up inside the drain. In some instances, drain jetting can be carried out. But the use of a suitable floor and drain cleaner on a regular basis can be sufficient to eradicate the problem.

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