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Nobody likes the idea of having rats in their home; contaminating work surfaces, cooking utensils and food.

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Rat infestation

A rat infestation in London can affect any type of property, and the consequences can be severe. Most residents worry about their health and potential damage to their property, and with good reason.

Rats often enter a property via the sewage system, usually via a faulty drain. Whenever possible we will want to check the inspection chamber (manhole) for signs of rat activity. To fully eradicate a rat infestation, we may have to carry out wider drain work to prevent more rats from entering.

Need help with a Rat problem?

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Rodent proofing: the sooner the better

We strongly recommend that you contact a pest control expert and have rodent proofing carried out as soon as possible. Rodent proofing is a separate service that comes with a one year guarantee. It can be performed at any time within six months following the initial treatment. A quote for rodent proofing will normally be provided after the initial rat treatment.

Our rat pest control service


Our pest control technicians will first survey your property and identify areas that need to be treated. Our main priority is identifying entry points, then we’ll advise on the most appropriate rodent eradication and proofing methods.


Our rat-proofing service can be implemented indoors or outdoors. We’ll also rat-proof the bin sheds of a residential block of flats or commercial warehouses. Sometimes our proofing service will also involve placing air vent covers or metal composite plates at the base of a door.


The materials we use can include concrete, mesh, board, timber, wire wool, sealant and composites metal plates. We won’t be using expanding foam as rodents can easily gnaw through it. Our rat-proofing service comes with a one-year guarantee.

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Where is the rat problem coming from?

  • Usually via the sewage system
  • A missing rodding eye cap on a manhole cover
  • A break in the main sewer line or in a domestic sewer pipe
  • Rats gnawing through PVC pipes
  • Rats coming from nearby areas
  • Rats feeding on rubbish containers
  • Rats taking up residence in overgrown gardens

Rat treatment in London?

Inoculand Ltd offers a rat treatment for a flat fee of £270+VAT. Our rat control service consists of 3 visits at 1-2 weeks interval . Our preferred method of rat eradication is using traps. We may also place rat bait stations outdoors and/or carry out a rat treatment indoors. Whenever possible, we also like to inspect and test any nearby inspection chambers (manholes) for rat activity.

Upon inspection, we may identify rat activity in the drains around your property, and it could be the result of an ongoing underlying problem.

To prevent the rat infestation recurring every few years, our pest control technicians will recommend an appropriate course of action to put a stop to it permanently. In most cases, the fitting of a 1-way valve at inspection chamber level, will prevent rats coming from the main sewers to reach your property.

Occasionally, a simple missing or damaged element will allow rats into the domestic sewage system and ultimately in your property. The solution then is simply to replace or repair the damaged element.

In other instances, a drain pipe may be compromised and require repairs. The most standard drain work involves CCTV, Jetting, Digging or Lining.

What can be done?

  1. CCTV helps us to identify damage to drain pipes or possible blockages.
  2. Jetting clears clogged drains and restores the water flow.
  3. Lining rectifies the damage at pipe level.
  4. No return (or one-way) valves prevent rats coming from the main sewage.
  5. Replacing the rodding eye cap.

If you suffer from a rat infestation and require rat control in London, call us as early as possible to prevent them from colonising your premises any further.

Most GP surgery has pest control contracts in place as per routine. It is about prevention and monitoring.

Pest control management in practice, must take into account the grounds that are open to the surrounding areas from which rats can easily travel. This is why you will often see rat bait stations along walls, and around the fence perimeter.

Pest control policy for NHS properties will often require such pest control contracts to be put in place in hospitals and in GP surgeries alike.



A rat infestation is often linked to the sewers from which they manage to escape into the void space of your building.

When an inspection chamber is available we can place a 1-way valve that will stop them from reaching your building.

However, there are instances where the inspection chamber was buried under an extension, and/or we cannot access it.

In such a case the rat problem often becomes recurrent, and an ongoing rat pest control program needs to be put in place.

To avoid dead rat smell under the floor, it is better to rely on trapping rather than baiting.

In the case of the raised floor system, we can lift up the panels and try to identify the route of entry using contact dust. If all the primary entry points are accessible, then proofing can be carried out efficiently.

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