Management Pest Control in London

It’s imperative for block managers and property management companies to use a reliable pest control provider to ensure their properties are kept pest-free. If the unfortunate happens and a pest problem occurs, it’s important that they deal with the issue promptly to prevent or reduce the number of complaints from residents. 

Here at Inoculand, we have extensive experience working with property managers, with long-standing contracts that mean we’re always on hand to deal with a pest control problem when it arises. In a city as large and densely populated as London, it’s a case of when pest problem occurs, not if. We’re very flexible with how we work and are happy to gain access to premises from tenants themselves or from your office. 


Block management 

Large buildings need a clear strategy in place to prevent pest infestations from spreading to multiple floors. We provide long-term pest solutions and also offer a free inspection service to assess the most appropriate integrated pest control strategy. Typically we can need with the outdoor spaces and the internal communal areas paying special attention to the airing cupboards, service areas and bin chambers. 

We aren’t limited to Greater London. We currently work on residential developments in the Gatwick, Guildford and Luton areas. 


Estate agents

We’re already the preferred pest control provider for many large estate agencies in London. We process work orders, contact tenants for access or collect keys from offices. We have units that are strategically based all over London that allow us to cover any address within Greater London swiftly. 

We cover all aspects of pest control, from bed bugs and carpet beetles to mice and rats. This means that we’re the ideal solution for estate agents. Regardless of property type, pest, and location (within Greater London), we offer an excellent pest control service. 

Get in touch with us to learn more about the work we’re currently doing with a number of estate agents around London. 


Retail property management

We have extensive experience as subcontractors for retail management companies that hold nationwide contracts for large High Street brands. We work seamlessly with each retail store, adapting to their particular needs and working routines. For example, we’ll only carry out our pest control work during periods of downtime, or while the shop is closed so as to minimise disruption. Our focus is the be discreet whilst taking care of a pest problem so it has a minimal event on the business. 

We regularly attend callouts to London tube and train stations, and shopping centres like Westfield and Canary Wharf malls, so we’re used to dealing with densely-populated locations. 

If you’d like to arrange an introduction or view our method statements, please get in touch with us


Wealth and equity management

We are often required to carry out work in properties owned by corporations or managed by financial entities where privacy and discretion are required. All of our pest controllers are happy to go through any required vetting process and sign non-disclosure agreements where appropriate. We understand that some clients required the utmost efficiency combined with a seamless experience. Here at Inoculand, we have vast experience in this area. 


Maintenance companies

Maintenance companies that hold large contracts with museums and other institutions may subcontract some aspects of pest control to a different provider. This is where we come in. Here at Inoculand, we have experience providing pest control services to many significant establishments in London. These include, but aren’t limited to, majors London museums, the Inns of Court, in certain 16th Century buildings. We can also act as a consultant alongside main contractors or work under their direction, depending on the situation. We’re incredibly flexible, but our mission remains firm – to rid London is its pest control issues. 

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Insurance work

In many cases, pest control is covered by home and building insurance policies. What’s important is ensuring that homeowners and building managers receive the level of service they feel they deserve. This is why we offer an all-encompassing pest control service. We have centres all across London, meaning that we can quickly and easily get to a property at short notice. We then survey, treat, and proof all properties with pest issues. This ensures that the right method of pest control is used, pests are disposed of quickly, and they’re prevented from entering the premises again. 

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