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Once in the attic, squirrels will gather materials and build a nest. Since Grey squirrels are rodents, they will wear their teeth down on the wooden beams and electric wires.

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Squirrel pest control in London

To an extent, Grey squirrels are only doing what we are all conditioned to do – surviving. It is unfortunate for us that our homes provide the ideal type of shelter to raise their young. Roofers tend to be more concerned with making the house watertight rather than rodent-proof.

If you have a squirrel infestation, the safest way to get rid of squirrels in your attic is to use warfarin bait. The warfarin will act slowly and not cause acute pain.


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Preventing squirrels from entering the loft

As with any rodent, Grey squirrels need an opening large enough to let them in, and they need access to the roof. If a Grey squirrel has reached the roof once, it is only a matter of time before another squirrel shows up.

Squirrel-proof the attic from within

Squirrel proofing can normally be carried out from the inside if a roof hatch is present. From the darkness of the roof space, we can often spot the entry point as it will usually allow daylight in. From there, plugging the entry point using mesh is usually straightforward and inexpensive.

In other cases, proofing from within maybe impossible and you may have a squirrel infestation in a section of the roof with no hatch to access it. There are also instances where the roof has been converted and there is no attic. In such cases, squirrel treatment will involve long ladders, scaffolding and even a professional roofer.

Tenants often report squirrels being active above their ceiling, between the floorboard and the plasterboard.

Prevent Grey squirrels from accessing the roof

Inoculand does not support killing Grey squirrel outdoors as a form of pest control. The main reason being it’s not very effective – if you kill one, another will simply take its place.

If the branches of nearby trees reach the roof then it may require a tree surgeon. Also, the drain pipes may allow squirrels to climb up to the gutters. An inverted collar can be fitted midway to stop them in their tracks.

Our London squirrel pest control team

We will come to your London property, survey the infested area and advise you on the best course of action. We will take care of your Grey squirrel problem and provide the correct squirrel proofing measures to prevent them from returning.

If you hear scratching noises from the attic, give us a call!

Squirrel FAQs

Fenn traps approved for killing Grey squirrels are very efficient – the Grey squirrel will die instantly, causing little-to-no pain. The traps are very powerful and need to be handled carefully to avoid accidents. They need to be monitored on a daily basis in the unlikely event that a squirrel is caught and not killed on the spot.

Use of non-approved spring traps should not be used as a method of Grey squirrel pest control.

A squirrel trap can also be used to catch live squirrels. They are fairly efficient, but they need to be monitored daily. More distressingly, you are left with a live squirrel.

You cannot release Grey squirrels in the wild or let them escape since the regulation sees them as an invasive species. It is illegal under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.

Red squirrel bait is not an option since they are a protected species.

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